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" ...Vợ mình đẹp nhất hành tinh

Người tình đẹp nhất lúc bình minh

Vì đời, có tài nên thường linh tinh..."


( Wife is the most beautiful in the planet

Lover is most beautiful in the dawn

Because talents usually womanize)


"... Vợ mình đẹp nhất thế gian

Vợ bạn thì chớ có lan man

Vì đời, đôi khi lòng muốn dối gian..."


(Our/my/your wife is the most beautiful in the world

Their wives/your friend's wife shouldn't be teased

Because sometimes in this life heart changes)


"... Lời thề thì dễ quên

Tiền...thì khó quên

Vì đời chẳng ai muốn nợ nhau"


( Vow is easy to be forgotten

Money is hard to

Because nobody wants to owe)


"... Đường vòng thì đến rất mau

Đề phòng người đứng phía sau

Vì đời chẳng ai muốn mình đau..."


(Shortcut makes it faster

Be careful of the one stands behind you

Cuz no one wants to be hurt)


"...Chuyện vui buồn trò chơi

Ai ai ơi, trò chơi là trời cho.."





I cannot translate the best of such lyric which play with sound and meaning of Vietnamese word so well.

It's always a surprise to anyone first time listens to this song. And some people, it's an all-nodding to listen again

...and grin.


The old and new Mai Khoi



the business woman - My Le


and the angels:








the collection by Le Thanh Hoa










the collection by Anna Vo









and some guests:


from left, all are fashion designers: Ha Thuc Nhat Minh, Kim Khanh, Le Thanh Hoa


Saturday 01 Oct, 2011

Coming soon!

our XNM's second photoshoot on last Sunday afternoon.
I'm retouching the photos. The outcome is coming soon on rkudo-xnm
Thursday 29 Sep, 2011

the old car

From the window of Coca-suki restaurant, Mac Thi Buoi str. Dist.1, during my monthly lunch with colleagues in Siup.
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Saturday 24 Sep, 2011


In my opinion, I think this one is a good action movie which includes not only action scenes but also psychology, situations, etc. Besides, the fighting style of the main actress is also different to many others in female-action movies. I really like how Cataleya shivers after finishing the semi-final but most dangerous enemy.  It's so real. It's how people shiver after doing something so terrible that they get themselves shocked and exhausted. Beside the story, I especially notice the urban scene of Colombia at the beginning. Bad, but interesting to see!

notice the scene at 0:34 in the trailer, it's the urban scene I mentioned above