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Saturday 17 Sep, 2011

On a motorbike, in the streets

Usually I cant have shots like these for I can't handle a camera while driving. If I stop by, the shots would be from just one side of a street. This time, I asked a friend to pick me up on his expensive motorbike, more than my salary of a whole year, and take me around. Well, here are some of the photos from my home to the city center. Some people might see they're meaningless. I'm sure some like them if they see their values.

Bokeh with a compact camera ?
My Canon S90 has a wide F1/2.0 len.
Hoang Van Thu street
Tran Huy Lieu street
Nguyen Van Troi street
the axis connecting Tan Son Nhat international airport to the city center
Nguyen Van Troi street
Cong Ly bridge,
Nguyen Van Troi street
Cong Ly bridge,
Nguyen Van Troi street
Nam Ky Khoi Nghi street
Nam Ky Khoi Nghi street
near Sacombank tower (on the left)
Nam Ky Khoi Nghi street
Nam Ky Khoi Nghi street
Nam Ky Khoi Nghi street
Dong Khoi street
on the left is Caravelle hotel 
on the right is Louis Vutton's Opera View building
then we went back home on Phan Dinh Phung street
Phan Dinh Phung street
Saturday 17 Sep, 2011

Still looks good

Still looks good, even though the city center is very far and out of the len's focus.
I intentionally used bokeh effect for this photo and the result look really nice.
shot on last Thursday night, on Thu Thiem bridge, about 10 p.m
Saturday 09 Jul, 2011

LP, I can't handle these!

Found this from a post of a Facebook's friend. I can't handle these! I can't handle these! I was shocked when they covered the Adele's new hit "Rolling in the deep". When I first heard some first sentences, I felt Chester sang the wrong notes. But then things went all okay, LP rocks! After listening again and again, I think Chester and Mike did very well and some wrong notes are usual to a singer in such a huge performance. Moreover, if any body ever sings rock, he would understand this because the voice will be distorted a little bit after several screaming. I guess if they're gonna cover this song again, Mike will add in some LP-style background music at the end.



In the same show, it's still amazing to watch LP perform "In the end", my first LP song ever. It was LP that introduced rock music to a pop's listener like me.


I don't like Transformer 3's new soundtrack much. "New divide" is still my latest favorite LP-hit with its rhythm, mixings, and some imagination relating to the movie. Here, Mike seems to do some magic with his hand. I don't know what kind of device is it, a "new device"? haha



Thanx youtube for all these clips!

Been replaying these three this whole Sat.

Thursday 30 Jun, 2011

survey #1

I always have a lot of questions on my mind, often wondering things that not many people care. Recently, I've discovered that many of them could be answered through surveys.

Yes, I like surveys since I was a student working on urban socialism assignments.

With Google docs, now I can create some surveys for this blog. To me it has always been interesting to "survey" people since my research for my undergraduate graduation project. A small survey might seem useless but can be an answer to one of my questions or my studies, both academic and professional. I'm focusing on casual issues in my city first. Will expand asap. Now, the Survey #1. Thank you very much for spending sometime here. I am will willing share my results to anyone who need them and  


I will post the results soon after a certain amount of submission and will be posted right in this entry

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