Address: G2000 | Vincom center B | 72 Le Thanh Ton


Website: g2000vn.com/thoi-trang-cong-so-g2000

Hours: 9:30AM - 10PM

G2000 is a go-to choice for a savvy executive, with trendy clean cuts to suite for a variety looks on a professional yet personal level. G2000 features a wide range of stylish work wears, as well as fashionable ensembles that are comfortable affordable.

G2000 does clothing in a way of flexibility; in the store you will be able to find many pieces that are considered a must in your wardrobe for daily working routine, on the other hand, those pieces can also be wore to diverse occasions, from business dinner, romantic date to weekend party, girls night out or gentlemen get together.

G2000 is really good place for those who have a too busy schedule to shop for different occasion, as these pieces will always keep you in the ready-to-go mode.