Spice Bistro

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Spice Bistro brings you a delicately strewn traditional Vietnamese dining experience hard-pressed on everything fresh and warmly reminiscent of olden times. Tradition plays a major role in the ambiance of the restaurant, as the outdoor patio is comfortably nestled under a replicated roof of the time-honoured longhouses. Despite its urban location, the design is a compliment to Vietnam’s rich culture, gently interwoven through bamboo ornaments, inviting wooden features, soft lighting and serene displays of potted greenery.

With family style seating and dining, many of Saigon’s most customary spreads are apportioned without blemish. Served in clay pots and porcelain kitchenware, dishes like Cá bống thệ kho tiêu (stewed goby in pepper sauce), Xôi phá lấu (sticky rice with braised innards) and Cơm cháy pate chà bông (crispy rice cakes with pate & pork floss) are ideal fares for those in seek of classic Vietnamese cuisine.

Another Spice Bistro restaurant can also be found on: 2 Thi Sách, District 1, HCMC.


32 Đường 11, Phường Thảo Điền

District 2 Hcmc


(028) 3519 0106




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