LG’s Super-Thin Wallpaper TV
LG’s Super-Thin Wallpaper TV

lifestyle 08 Oct, 2017

LG’s Super-Thin Wallpaper TV
Korean Tech-Giant Launches World’s Thinnest 2.6mm TV

When French entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Réveillon started making some of the first ‘modern’ wallpaper in the mid-18th century, he could never have imagined a TV as thin as his creations. Or even just a TV. But anyway, Korean tech-giant LG just made one. And it’s just 2.6mm wide.   

Once tech manufacturers conquered size, by streaming straight to the screens of our pocket-sized mobile phones, the next obvious frontier was width. The new LG Wallpaper TV is so thin it was almost mistakenly signed up by a modeling agency. The OLED-screen TV (which stands for ‘organic light emitting diode’ and recently featured in the new iPhone X build) has two screen sizes — 65- and 77- inch — while still weighing less than 8KG (for the 65-inch edition).

The one drawback is that this TV is so slender, it needs an external sound bar speaker for power and video connections. But true beauty never comes without a cost.

Check the promo video for LG’s stunning creation below.

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Words by David Kaye


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