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Friday 26 Nov, 2010

Pixelated Peas

Black Eyed Peas New Music Video
All the cash the Black Eyed Peas obtain from the sales of their albums, world tours and endorsement deals must go directly back into their music videos, particularly the flashy, expensive-looking new clip for their single “The Time (The Dirty Bit)“. 
The Rich Lee-directed vid features all four members of the BEP, as well as the clubgoers shaking their booties around them, turning into animated pixels while gettin’ down. It doesn’t make us love the song anymore, but the pixelated effects are undeniably amazing. Have the time of your life — or at least a time of your day — by watching below.
We just had a flashback of the good old days when BEP reined supreme, before  feral fergie got involved,  check out some of their golden oldies, love. love. love.


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